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Disabled vlogger 'conned out of £4,500 in a scam involving Facebook Messenger and PayPal'


When Liam Murray says that he received a message from his “friend” asking for a favour, he was more than willing to help.

But Liam says all was not what it seemed and he claims that he was left more than £4,500 out of pocket after being caught by a scam involving Facebook Messenger and PayPal.

Now, he is warning others not to fall into the trap and is telling people how the apparent scam works.

Liam, who is a disability vlogger, said: “This is a warning to anyone with Facebook Messenger. I was sent a message from someone who I thought was my mate, we chatted about normal stuff and then he asked if I had PayPal because he was thinking of getting it. He then came back and said he had it but couldn’t receive any money and he had sold some items on eBay.

“He asked would it be OK if the lady who bought them paid money into my account? I said as long as I didn’t need to give out any bank details and only my email address that shouldn’t be a problem.

“After doing that I started getting payments to my PayPal which I told my friend about and he asked me to send it to him. Which I did as it was not my money. I took it out of PayPal and put it in my bank and transferred the full amount.”

View the full article at The Chronicle

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