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  1. Can't wait to check out the new series and see the local scenery again.
  2. Think I read in the NPL that they were moving along to North Shields or the quayside. Not sure people want to see my face on TV though
  3. Seen them in the car park at the bottom of the avenue for the past few weeks and have watched it in the past purely to see the local area. Seen them at Briar Dene car park in Whitley a little while back too.
  4. Brett

    Astley High School

    Who else went? Which teachers do you remember? Mr Stent and his red tie, Mr Knight (might even still be there), Mr Hemmer (music teacher).
  5. Brett

    The Big Melt 2017

    Outdoor party with BBQ and live music from Gareth Beddard, Jo James Band and Jonny Sax from 2pm onwards. Doors open 12noon as normal.Entry is £1 per head on the day via an 'honesty box' with money to be donated to charity. Eat, drink, dance!
  6. Brett

    North East Chilli Festival


    The Baghdaddies are worth it alone.
  7. until
    Opposite Gloucester Lodge Farm Links Road Seaton Sluice Northumberland NE24 3PH Live music from: Heaven 17 Smoove And Turrell The Baghdaddies
  8. Brett

    Hunters Garage

    Hunters garage what is now the hand car wash and car garage. Remember playing on hunters hill behind the garage and then going to the garage for a mix up. Didn't realise until recently that it used to be a bus garage.
  9. Brett

    Crescent Ices

    The original Co-op in 1900 according to this. Billy Embleton on Flickr
  10. Brett

    Station School

    Still devastated that they've knocked the old station school down on Double Row. Loved that building and memories of going there as a child. Think it was Mrs Eagle the lollipop lady that used to help us across the road then we spent far too long playing in the daisy park. Parents used to go mental at the time it took us to walk from there to the old council offices.
  11. Brett

    Crescent Ices

    Co-Op is still a cooperative but it's now a Lakes & Dales Co-op. They've also opened up a new petrol station and shop on the old BMX track opposite The Hastings Arms.
  12. Brett

    Crescent Ices

    Yes, have to get in before the queues though
  13. Brett

    Fellow Delightful Folk

    A place to discuss, and share stories, news and photos of Seaton Valley and the surrounding areas. Lived there for 18 years or so and still love the place.